Dave Crossland

12/6/07 - Peace On Earth and Other Cool Stuff

Greetings Beautiful World,

Still floating in sea of bliss from the Illinois gigs with Shawn Colvin.  Classy headliner, spacious halls, effusive Midwestern audiences, and I do believe I'd be willin' do that just about every night if time allowed.

Also took part in a tremendously great song circle the last Saturday with Jim Infantino, Jennifer Kimball and Rose Polenzani.  We were closing down the night in Cambridge after Jim's Big Ego put on a killer show at the Lizard Lounge.  The place was packed and we transcended time and space laying down harmonies on each other's songs.  Seriously, it was one of those musical moments that make anything worthwhile.

So, this month, I'm concentrating most of my time on the holidays and finishing up the live, "Set That Wasn't" CD... mastering the recording this weekend, Liz Linder is on board again for the photography, and we're fixin' to have it available some time in February.  I'm also putting together just a few more songs so that we can start recording a new studio album before the winter is out.  So no rest right now but lots of joy, wonder, new antifreeze in the radiator, and looking forward to more very cool stuff in the coming year...

•-Speaking of which, I'll be hitting the road pretty hard this coming January.  Agent Jake has got me all over Colorado and Utah (Sundance again!) for about a week and a half.  Then it's over to the Great Lakes --Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and the U.P. of Michigan-- where I'll be putting serious miles on the car, hopefully between snowstorms.  If anyone out there has got some quality, good-weather juju to spare, do let me know.

That's about it from the frigid Northeast.  Thank you all for an amazing year.  Really, I can't get over the fact that my life is looking the way it is these days.  All because of you.  Have a beautiful holiday season and can't wait to see you again.

Love and Peace on Earth,