Dave Crossland

4/3/2007 - Kenny Loggins Gig & Pearl Anniversary

Hey Wonderful World,

Only got a minute right now so just some quick things....

First off, I had a very sweet gig the other week, opening for Kenny Loggins in a 1200-seat, sold-out house in Morristown, New Jersey.  It was awesome, the crowd was wonderful, I felt showered over with goodness, and can't wait to get back to the Garden State (more on that in a minute).  All this took place on March 23 --one year to the day after the CD release concert for "Pearl."  Not only was it a fantastic way to celebrate all that has happened in the last year, but I can now say I have reached a completely new level of songwriter stardom --for as many of you know, Kenny is the man behind "Footloose," and now that we've gigged together, I am officially only one degree from Kevin Bacon.

New Jersey, I think I love you.