Dave Crossland

Done!  Mostly...

Done nbspMostly
Hey everybody, we mastered the new CD today.  I can't believe it's finished.  Honestly, it sounds great and I do believe it's the best recording I've ever done.

It's stripped down, acoustic, real, honest, and just a little bit funky.

Thanks again to Jim Infantino and Ducky Carlisle for making it so good and so easy.

At this point, we've still got to get the artwork together, and plan the official release.  --But for anybody who's going to Falcon Ridge, I'm going to put together a limited pre-release edition available only at the festival.  I'm going to sign them and number them and all that, just for fun.  Hope to see you there.

Love and peace,

P.S.  Thanks for the pic, Zig.