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Dave News Test

Dave News Test

Greetings adoring fans and beautiful people,

The CDs are almost here....

They are at the manufacturer's right now and if all goes according to plan, they will be arriving this week and I'll be opening the first one on Friday!

--But don't get too excited too fast, they won't be available right away due to some really great news....

About four or five weeks ago, in the space of about ten days, I went from being a solo artist, self-propelled, trying to make a living, be a creative genius, and keep track of all the biz of the music biz-ness, to a solo artist with a booking agency, a publicist, a radio promotion guy, and a manager. --All because of the new CD.

It's a little disorienting, but I'm absolutely thrilled --tickled even, right down to my giddy little toes. Here's the lineup:

Management: Mary "Everybody Loves Mary" Pittari, mailto:mary@davecrossland.com mailto:mary@davecrossland.com

Agency: The Berkshire Artists Group (BAG), http://www.berkshireartistsgroup.com

Publicist: Dawn Kamerling, The Press House, http://www.thepresshouse.com

Radio Promotion: Biff Kennedy, The Charterhouse Music Group, http://www.biffco.com

Friends, I cannot tell you what it feels like to have a team of such great and colorful people. They are a fun and talented bunch, and I'm really touched because each and every one of them have stepped up, not to leech off the immense wealth generated by my vast musical empire, not to ride on the coattails of my undisputed international fame, but solely as a response to the music. --I mean, I'm not exactly world-famous and touring seven continents right now, so I'm kind of blown away....

Anyway, the upshot of all of this is...that we're all going to have to wait just a little bit longer for the CD release.

Mary's working very hard, and doing a great job of coordinating everybody and getting the whole team up to speed. As soon as they're ready, we'll be sending the discs out to radio, they'll be available for purchase and download directly from my website, and I'll be stepping up my touring schedule.

So stay tuned, be patient, contact Mary if there's somewhere you think I should play, or some way you think you can help out, and get ready for a ride.

I can't wait for you to hear this thing,

thank you ever so much,

and be good, you wonderful people, you,


Dave Crossland [http://davecrossland.com]
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