Dave Crossland

Dave Crossland: Life Update and ON THE RADIO - NOW

Hello Beautiful World,

Okay, I know it's been months since I wrote to you all.  Where have I gone?  What have I been doing?  And how do I fit it all into this delayed missive?  (I can't.)

But wait, before you read on, I'm writing you from WUMB Radio in Boston where I'm about to go live on the air in ten minutes --at 4:00 PM Eastern Time --in about ten minutes.

If you want to catch the interview go NOW to the WUMB website.  There is a "Listen Live Now" box on the left:


Ready?  So here's the run-down

I moved to LA.  It's warm there this time of year, I'm meeting really talented and creative people, and I'm working on a new project that you will hear about in the coming months.  On the way, I shared the stage with some people I've always admired, like Lindsey Buckingham, Davy Jones, Roseanne Cash, Dan Hicks, and you get the idea.  It's been a trip.  Also got a standing O at Kerrville, dropped in on the Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp, and have done some cool gigs with the John Stewart Band.  Took time out in November to save democracy and visit my dad in Ohio.  (Gobama!)  Dare I say, "Mission Accomplished"?

What else...  My rockin' agent, Jake Kennedy, rocked so hard that he got cherry-picked by a great booking agency in Nashville.  (Anybody know an agent?)  And Mary Pittari, my awesome friend and manager, is now simply my awesome friend.  (Anybody know a manager?)  Seriously, I cannot imagine what my life would look like today without her great friendship and everything she has done.  Hail Mary, and thank you.

So on to the gigs:

Tomorrow night!
SAT, Feb 7
8:00 pm
Off The Common Coffeehouse
50 School Street
Bridgewater, MA
Solo gig at one o' my fave New England Coffeehouses, and it's going to be great to see some of my good Boston friends...

THURS, Feb 26
9 pm
Genghis Cohen
740 N. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
reservations 323-653-0640
music hotline 310-578-5591
Website: www.genghiscohen.com
1 set with the band - so don't be late!

Thank you all, gotta get set up in the studio now.  See you out there.