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You Wonderful Beautiful World, You:

A quick note on a hot summer's eve from Boston, Massachusetts.  Got some news about gigs, t-shirts, a nice review of "Pearl", and new members of the street team.


THURS, 7/20 - Manchester, NH

7 PM

"In-Town Manchester: Thursday Night Live"

Veterans Park

Elm Street



opening for The Shaw Brothers

all ages

SUN, 7/30 - Cambridge, MA

7 PM


1912 Massachusetts Avenue - Porter Square

617-497-4950 or 617-876-9180


with the band

21 and over

And I'll be playing out a lot more come this fall.  We're always adding gigs to the calendar, too, so do check in --or let us know what venues are in your area so that I can get out there....


(Bet you all didn't know that I wrote my thesis on Woody Guthrie when I was a senior in college....)

Just got back from the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival Sunday night.  The rotating sign over the bank in downtown Okemah, Olkahoma, read a cool 107 degrees.  I was camping and swimming, and now I resemble a human fajita.  Thanks to all the wonderful people I met down there --and to the flight attendants on Southwest Airlines flight 269!  (We had a concert in the galley at the back of the plane)  You ladies rock!  What a crazy weekend.


This is fun.  We put together a design the other week, and they should be arriving this weekend --just in time for the Falcon Ridge Festival in upstate New York (http://www.falconridgefolk.com).  Mary ordered a bunch of shapes and sizes from manly-man to girly-girl and they look great.  If you can't make it to the festival this weekend, we'll probably have them for sale very soon through our good friend, Slabster.com.  In the meantime, here's a link to give you an idea of what they're going to look like --> http://www.davecrossland.com/index.php?page=gallery&display=48&thegallery=t-shirts


Thank you Dirty Linen!

I don't know if you all get Dirty Linen or not, but they wrote up a really nice review of Pearl, with a huge picture from the front cover of the CD.  Here's a link to the write-up on my website --> http://www.davecrossland.com/index.php?page=press&display=142&from=0


And finally, a big thank you and welcome aboard to Jeanne Sweeney in Philadelphia, and Wendy Willis in Florida!  Jeanne's helping to set up some events in the Philly area this fall, and Wendy's helping out with "non-traditional" bookings in Florida.  If I can get a little personal here, one of --no, perhaps THE coolest thing about living this musical life is meeting people and having friendships with so many people in so many places.  What a great community of wonderful people.

As always, if there are more of you out there who are curious about getting involved, feel free to contact Mary anytime at mailto:mary@davecrossland.com.

--Which reminds me, Mary's been getting a lot of emails from people who think they are writing to me via the website.  Just so you know, if you want to get in touch with Mary --about bookings, house concerts, or any other ideas you might have for furthering the cause, you can use the "Contact" page on my website to send her an email.

If you want to contact me, the best way to do it is through the "Talk to Dave" page.  I'm going to be spending more time there, so surf on over and say hi, share ideas about about songs, art, this crazy world of ours, the clear superiority of gin martinis over their vodka counterparts, or whatever -->  http://www.davecrossland.com/index.php?page=comments

With hot summer lovin' and hopes of peace,


Dave Crossland [http://davecrossland.com]
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