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Review - Molly's Street

Review - Molly039s Street

enormously appealing...

Dave Crossland's new album is a confident work with a dense E Street Band jangliness I find enormously appealing.  Dave's often pointed songs have fine clarity.  The opening shot title song is about a kid from the wrong street who has to deal with getting beat up a lot unlike the kids from "Molly's Street."  "When The Buffalo Come Back" evokes the laying of iron rails through America's open country and the brutal effects it wrought on Native Americans and the indiginous herds of bison.  Its meld of synth and cello is particularly effective.  Crossland offers valentines to two cities in "London Town" and "new York City Rose."  "American Boulevard" is especially Springsteenian with its prominent Steve Wendelken sax part and its panoramic view of lifestyles and intolerance.  "Mother's Cross" is a sweet tribute to his mother who passed away after a long illness in 1996.  The one cover is a faithful and well executed "Eleanor Rigby" which segues to the parting shot of "A Boston Farewell" in which one brother leaves home and one stays behind.

It feels good to have Dave Crossland back with a new album after far too long.