Dave Crossland


The New CD is Out!

The New CD is Out
Anyone can order it online through Slabster.com, a fantastic, artist-friendly online store.  They take credit cards and PayPal, and they're run by the same folks who do my website.  I cannot wait for you all to hear this.  It's the best recording I've ever made and I want to thank everyone who helped put it together:

Jim Infantino - Producer, Graphic Design, Synth Pads, Drum Programming
Ducky Carlisle - Engineer, Drums
Antje Duvekot - Harmony Vocals
Jimmy Ryan - Mandolin
Steve Sadler - Lap Steel
Mark Hickox - Bass
Mike Piehl - Drums
Don Anderson - Trumpet
Walt Bostian - Trombone
Liz Linder - Amazing Photography
Mary Pittari - Quality Control and Very Good Advice

Thank you all!