Dave Crossland


New CD and The Sundance Film Festival

Greetings Beautiful World,

Got three things to tell you:  the new CD has arrived, I'm gigging this weekend in Massachusetts, and in about a week I'll be flying out to Utah to play at the Sundance Film Festival....


The CDs have arrived and they are beauuuuutiful.  Right now, we're getting things set up for radio, press and online distribution.  Should be hitting the nation's airwaves on February 6!

We're also going to have it available on the web at Amazon, CD Baby, iTunes, etc. --in addition to a new MP3 download page on the website of yours truly.

So things are heating up, will let you know when we're ready to rumble....


Tomorrow night (Saturday, Jan 14, 7:30 PM) I'll be opening for Diane Zeigler at the Fox Run Concert Series in Sudbury, Massachusetts.  Zig is a great friend of mine, her songs and voice can truly make me melt, and it should be a really fun evening.  She'll have her husband, Geoff Sather, backing her up, as well as Adam Frehm, who's a great dobro and slide player.  Fox Run is widely considered to be one of the best house concert series in the country.  For more information, go to the Fox Run website (http://www.foxrun.org).  Zig's site is at http://www.dianezeigler.com


This one might just be too much fun.

If you happen to find yourself in Utah next week (or if you know any brilliant independent filmmakers in search of a soundtrack) please do stop in (or send them) to one of the venues I'll be playing at the festival.  I'm really excited about this and have no idea what to expect, aside from hour-long lines just to get a cup of coffee....  Can't wait to experience the chaos and I will truly be blown away if anyone shows up who has heard about it from this email.

Thanks again and get ready....